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Headaches Specialist

Seth Chalfin, DC -  - Chiropractor

Chalfin Family Chiropractic

Seth Chalfin, DC

Chiropractor located in Upper West Side, New York, NY

Dr. Chalfin is skilled in treating chronic headaches, helping men and women from New York City and the surrounding area understand the symptoms causing their headaches and performing safe, state-of-the-art treatment to resolve headache pain and prevent it from recurring.

Headaches Q & A

What causes headaches?

Headaches are one of the most common medical complaints, and they can be caused by many factors. Many headaches are caused when the spine in the upper back (thoracic spine) or neck (cervical spine) move out of alignment, resulting in pressures on the nerves that travel from the head to other areas of the body, including the shoulders. That's why many headaches are often accompanied by symptoms in the shoulders and upper back as well. Misalignments can also interfere with circulation, resulting in inflammation that can cause painful “knots” in your muscle tissue.

How can chiropractic care help me resolve my chronic headaches?

Chiropractic works by addressing the spine, the conduit through which your nerves travel from the brain to other areas of your body. Many headaches occur when the spine's bones, or vertebrae, fail to “line up” properly, resulting in pressures on the nerves and uneven stress and strain on muscles. Chiropractic adjustments use gentle force and pressure to realign the vertebrae so pressure and strain are relieved and pain is resolved.

What can I do to prevent headaches?

Because many headaches occur as a result of neck and back strain and nerve impingements, one of the best ways to prevent headaches is to practice good posture and ensure your neck and back are properly supported when sitting or lying down. Keeping the spine supported can help prevent strains and pressures that can cause the spine to become misaligned, and help ensure the neural pathways are not blocked. To help prevent headaches in the future, it's also important to have routine chiropractic adjustments in the neck and upper back to ensure the spine remains in optimal alignment. Practicing stress management techniques and maintaining a healthy diet can also help.

Major Insurance Plans Considered

Dr. Chalfin accepts most major insurance plans. If you provide us with your insurance information, we will work with you to determine coverage. For questions regarding insurance and your visit, please call the office.

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