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Pregnancy Care Specialist

Seth Chalfin, DC -  - Chiropractor

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Seth Chalfin, DC

Chiropractor located in Upper West Side, New York, NY

Pregnancy is a special time, but it can also bring plenty of aches and pains. Dr. Chalfin uses special chiropractic techniques designed specifically for pregnancy care to help women throughout the New York City metro region relieve aches and pains and prepare for labor and delivery.

Pregnancy Care Q & A

How does chiropractic care work to relieve the symptoms of pregnancy?

When you're pregnant, your belly grows considerably, placing additional strain on muscles and joints which often pull the spine out of its proper alignment. As a result, many women experience symptoms like low back pain, leg pain and even pain in the upper back, arms and neck, all of which develop as the strain on joints, muscles, and other tissues increases. In addition to pain and aching, some women may also experience numbness as nerves become compressed. Chiropractic uses gentle spinal adjustments customized for pregnant women to help bring the spine back into alignment, relieving impingements on nerves to help resolve pain and other symptoms.

Can chiropractic help with issues aside from pain?

Yes; by ensuring our spine is properly aligned, chiropractic may help relieve the painful symptoms of labor and it may also help facilitate delivery by ensuring your baby has plenty of room as it grows. Plus, because chiropractic care helps relieve impingements on nerves that travel from the brain to your organs, routine adjustments can help ensure your body is in optimal condition to support the needs of your baby as well as yourself. In addition to adjustments, therapeutic exercises can help prepare you for delivery as well as easing aches and pains that develop during pregnancy.

Is chiropractic safe for me and my baby?

Yes; chiropractors receive extensive training in the treatment of pregnant women and use special techniques and supportive assistance to ensure optimal care as your belly grows. Plus, special stretching and exercise techniques performed in the office and at home can help provide additional support for your belly and help prepare you for the birth experience.

Major Insurance Plans Considered

Dr. Chalfin accepts most major insurance plans. If you provide us with your insurance information, we will work with you to determine coverage. For questions regarding insurance and your visit, please call the office.

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